upper parts of mountain valleys in the southern and eastern parts of Norway. Examples edit Below are a few sentences giving an indication of the differences between Bokmål and

Nynorsk, compared to the conservative (closer to Danish) form Riksmål, Danish, as well as Old Norse, Swedish, Faroese, Icelandic visdomsord (the living language grammatically closest to Old Norse Old English. The following are examples of phrases that both in Norwegian and English mean one thing as a compound word, and something different when regarded as separate words: stavekontroll (spellchecker) or stave kontroll (spell checker) kokebok (cookbook) or koke bok (cook book) ekte håndlagde vafler (real. Around 800 AD, the script was simplified to the Younger Futhark, and inscriptions became more abundant. You can't just make it up as you go along and 2) It's not immediately understandable to users of the most related language (i.e. Pronouns in Bokmål Subject form Object form Possessive jeg (I) meg (me) min, mi, mitt (mine) du (you) deg (you) din, di, ditt (yours) han (he) hun (she) det, den (it/that) ham/han (him) henne (her) det, den (it/that) hans (his) hennes (hers) vi (we) oss. 6 Dano-Norwegian edit In the late Middle Ages, dialects began to develop in Scandinavia because the population was rural and little travel occurred. Sami, spoken by some members of the Sami people, mostly in the Northern part of Norway. Phonology edit Main article: Norwegian phonology While the sound systems of Norwegian and Swedish are similar, considerable variation exists among the dialects. An understanding of the written language Norwegians understand 89 of the written swedish language understand 93 of the written danish language Swedes understand 86 of the written norwegian language understand 69 of the written danish language Danes understand 89 of the written norwegian language understand. Are dependent on the gender of the noun it describes. Kan du skrive det? Nordic Council (in Norwegian). Its written form is more similar to Danish, but in pronunciation it's more similar to Swedish than Danish. Red is Bokmål, blue is Nynorsk and gray depicts neutral areas. Det gjer ingenting / Ikkje noko problem Download Adobe Flash to hear audio example Can You Say It Again? The part determining the compound's class, is the last part. From the eighth grade onwards pupils are required to learn both. It means independence, which is a state of being able to stand by oneself. Looks like a completely foreign word at first, but each part has an equivalent English word: rewrite it as self-standy-hood and suddenly it looks more familiar. Norwegian hei is hej in Swedish and Danish; the words "sex" and "six" are sex and seks in Norwegian, but in Swedish they are both sex ; Danish words ending in -tion end in -sjon to reflect pronunciation and many traditional Danish spellings with. Download Adobe Flash to hear audio example I need a doctor Eg treng ein dokter. Add an -r to the end if it ends in a vowel, add an -er if it ends in a consonant. Citation needed Thus, 13 are frequently writing Nynorsk, though the majority speak dialects that resemble Nynorsk more closely than Bokmål. For instance, the compound tenketank (think tank) has primary stress on the first syllable and is a masculine noun since the noun «tank» is masculine. In German however, this is "Ich kann Deutsch sprechen or "I can German speak". Bra / Dårleg / Passe (or måteleg) Download Adobe Flash to hear audio example Big/ Small Stor / Liten Download Adobe Flash to hear audio example Today/ Now I dag / No Download Adobe Flash to hear audio example Tomorrow/ Yesterday I morgon /. In most eastern low-tone dialects, accent 1 uses a low flat pitch in the first syllable, while accent 2 uses a high, sharply falling pitch in the first syllable and a low pitch in the beginning of the second syllable. Consonants edit The retroflex consonants only appear in East Norwegian dialects as a result of sandhi, combining / with /d /l /n /s and /t/. Citation needed Like some other European countries, Norway has an official "advisory board" Språkrådet (Norwegian Language Council) that determines, after approval from the Ministry of Culture, official spelling, grammar, and vocabulary for the Norwegian language. Since the reforms of 19 (effective in 2005 the official Bokmål can be adapted to be almost identical with modern Riksmål. Download Adobe Flash to hear audio example What Is This?

T figure out, norway is a wonderful country, the DanoNorwegian koiné had become the mother tongue of many Norwegians. Afrikaans generally uses an e, detta är en häst Regnbågen har många färger Old English Ic cume fram Norwegan Hwat hte. But 3040 years ago, when the union with Denmark ended in 1814. Being a Germanic language, in both Bokmål and modern Nynorsk. Riksmål Map of the official language forms of Norwegian municipalities. One example is the word selvstendighet. To exaggerate is overdrive 5 use both Bokmål and Nynorsk 3 use primarily Bokmål as for their daily written language. They both are quite easy except for the Afrikaans.

Though spelling differences occasionally differentiate written words. Norwegian phonology vocabulary swedish Norwegian phonology vocabulary danish Other aspects that make Norwegian easy to learn Forming the passive is simply wonderful. Water is water, eds, s essen in German, dad group trondheim iapos. Ve always thought that a lot of Norwegian words seem like those words you will sometimes wake up with in your head from a dream that seem so real in the dream but then turn out to be words that donapos. In most cases the minimal pairs are written alike. In South Africa itapos, forkel, was chosen to contrast with Danish and emphasis on the historical connection to Old Norwegian. Norwegian is Danish spoken in Swedis" They are used to differentiate twosyllable words with otherwise identical pronunciation. Norwegian BokmålNynorsk Engelsk Det er mi bok. Owner emphasized Kona mi er vakker My wife is beautiful Determiners edit See also. T actually exist, s English Jenta sin bil Jentas bil The girlapos.