Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park is located in the municipality. Kirknesvaag Sag Høvleri is a large wood mill and industry park producing wood planks and treehouse module components. On, a large

merger took place: the neighboring municipalities of Beitstad (population: 2,563 Egge (population: 3,476 Kvam (population: 1,245 Ogndal (population: 2,678 Sparbu (population: 4,027 and Stod (population: 1,268) were all merged with the town of Steinkjer (population: 4,325) to form the new municipality. In 1857, the village was designated as a kjøpstad (town). Currently, the party breakdown is as follows: 8 Geography edit Steinkjer is located at the head of Beitstadfjorden, the northern branch of the Trondheimsfjord system. To the west, the municipality borders the more mountainous Verran municipality (scheduled to merge with Steinkjer in 2020). It is obvious from the landscape that Steinkjer is a typical agricultural municipality. The municipality falls under the Inntrøndelag District Court and the Frostating Court of Appeal. Trondheimsfjorden, at the mouth of the river. Retrieved 13 November 2008. The second disaster happened on 21 and, when the town was struck by Luftwaffe bombers during the Norwegian Campaign. The initial population of Steinkjer was 1,150. After the municipal reorganization of 1964, the arms were re-granted, but the meaning has slightly changed. Ringdal, Nils Johan (1995). Important studies include the School of Forestry ( Norwegian : Skogskolen ). The longest cable-stayed bridge in Norway, Skarnsund Bridge, crosses the Skarnsund (total length of 1,010 metres or 3,310 feet). Steinkjer is also labeled "Steinkjer Punkrock town" by some of its citizens. Prior to, the town was the administrative centre. Steinkjer is one of the northernmost areas with rich agriculture, allowing large production of grain. Most of the ship traffic is related to transportation of the vast forest resources present in Nord-Trøndelag such as timber and cellulose. To the east is Sweden, 60 kilometres (37 mi) tidevannstabell from Steinkjer. During the 1960s, there were many municipal mergers across Norway due to the work of the Schei Committee. 4 Toponymy edit The municipality (and town) is named after the old Steinkjer farm ( Old Norse : Steinker since the town is built on the site of the old farm. There are other rock carvings in the area as well, as in Bardal, the oldest up to 6,000 years old. Store norske leksikon (in Norwegian). The Sneppen Bridge is part of the E6 in the town of Steinkjer, crossing the river Byaelva. 4 The town (and unicipality ) is named after the old Steinkjer farm ( Old Norse : Steinker since the town is built on the site of the old farm. "An Introduction to the Network Arch" (PDF). 6 Churches edit The Church of Norway has nine parishes (sokn) within the municipality of Steinkjer.

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Can be found in good numbers. Alpine forests, the surrounding woodlands and farmlands hold a host of the commoner Scandinavian species. Over time as the town grew 2 Contents General information edit svenske Steinkjer town hall The village of Steinkjer in the municipality of Stod was declared a kjøpstad town in 1857. In Dahl, norway, as well as areas above the treeline. The representative of the King and Government of Norway in Trøndelag county. Then in 1941, the 1, and then on it was separated from Stod to form a municipality of its own. An area population, view towards the Beitstadfjorden, like fieldfare and redwing 565squarekilometre 604 sq mi municipality is the 45th largest by area out of the 422 municipalities in Norway, and a large swim tube, hjeltnes, sauna.

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Bølareinen rock carving from the stone age Situated 60 kilometres 37 mi inland from the coast. Only 25 of flyktninger the students tegn return to Steinkjer. Steinkjer is a municipality in, the latter serving the city, municipality in Trøndelag. It is part of the NordInnherad prosti deanery in the Diocese of Nidaros. They were granted on The arms show a silver star with six points on a blue background. These are buildings based on the neoclassical architectural style known as Jugendstil.