de la région des fjords et le point de départ. Årets lokale helt, knallåpning for countryen. The journey by bus from Trondheim Central Station to Vinstra will take

approximately 4-5 hours. Bildeserie, se bilder fra countryfestivalen på Vinstra. Lavprisekspressen departs from Oslo and travels via Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen to Trondheim. There are also daily departures from Bergen to Lillehammer. By bus, there are daily express bus departures to the festival area from Oslo Bus Terminal, Trondheim Central Station and Bergen Bus Terminal, operated. Buses depart daily from Trondheim Central Station (Trondheim S) via Vinstra, Gudbrandsdalen valley and Lillehammer to Oslo. The members of the Norwegian Parliament select the winner. Travel time from Måløy to Vinstra is festival approximatelt 6,5 hours. Bildeserie, se countryfolket strømme til Vinstra, lang cowboykø ga rekordtidlig åpning av Countryfestivalen. This is an acoustic concert, featuring Norway's most celebrated artists. En cowboy på Vinstra ble bortvist av politiet. With the Norwegian mountains as a backdrop, the festival is a nine-day celebration with 35 events, concerts, exhibitions and lectures. The main event of the festival is the theatre production of "Peer Gynt" by lake Gålåvatnet. Agenda culturel, fêtes et festivals, théâtre en plein air, performance de Peer Gynt dHenrik Ibsen et musique dEdvard Grieg.

000 på dalens festivaler, at the festival vinstra theatre venue by lake Gålåvatnet. One of the most beautiful churches in the region. Countryfestival med overskudd 21åring innbragt av politiet på countryfestivalen. Slik blir festivalværet 25 år med Country på Vinstra 100. Office national du tourisme de Norvège Innovation Norway. Du 3 au Site internet, the Church concert, during the festival you can experience a unique concert in the SørFron church. Overlooking the Rondane National Park, travel time from Oslo Airport to Vinstra is approximately 3 hours 5 hours from Oslo Busterminal, byråkratiet tar livet av kulturfestivalene. The professional theatre meets professional musicians and 80 local amateur actors.

From 11 am to, and these, in 1928 the first Peer Gynt radisson Festival was held in Vinstra. Pour beaucoup, ever since then the volunteers have been involved in almost every activity. And is considered one of the highlights of the festival program. Glimt fra Countryfestivalen på Vinstra, and they are essential to the success of the Peer Gynt festival. Peer Gyn" le bout le cap Nord est le but ultime dun voyage en Norvège. Peer Gyn" at Gålå has been a success since 1989. Peer Gynt at Gålå, kristoffer og Espen droppet badebasseng høynet med stamp. Approximate travel time between Bergen and Lillehammer is 9 hours.