three years to gain promotion, due to the promotion rules. Divisjon district IX-X 3rd Third Round Promotion not possible 1969. GS Gup Notes 1963. For a couple of years

in the mid-1980s, they weren't even the best team in Bodø, with rivals Grand Bodø surpassing them in the standings. Life in the Adecco league proved harder than most fans had anticipated, and many were disappointed when Glimt failed to secure the third place play-off spot they had held during most of the course of the season, finally ending in fifth place. This was due to the old belief that the teams from Nordland, Troms, and Finnmark could not compete at the same level as the southern teams. FK Bodø/Glimt is a Norwegian football club from the town of, bodø and was founded in 1916. The team was relegated. Jobben består i å veilede sjåfører og svare på eventuelle spørsmål de måtte. The Cup-Championship was the crowning of three remarkable seasons, going from 2nd division to 2nd place in the top-division in only three years an achievement rarely seen in the Norwegian league system. Show Less Show Full Description. This bitterness worsened in 1975 when Bodø /Glimt, antall mennesker på jorden as the first club form Northern-Norway, won the Norwegian Cup, but did not gain promotion due to the special play-off rules for the North-Norwegian clubs. In the 1920s, Glimt suffered from bad morale and poor finances. All claims were quickly retracted by the supporter's club. But the tide turned in 1991. Divisjon district IX 3rd Third Round Promotion not possible 1967. Contents, history edit, while other towns in, nordland county like. At one point, there were talks about merging Glimt into the Ski Club. Divisjon district IX 3rd Third Round Promotion not possible 1966.

Adecco bodø: Barn hos tannlegen

Bodø Glimt adecco made their target from the first season in Adeccoligaen. In the second season in Adeccoligaen. As in 1976 against Odd, in the beginning of the 2000s. A promotion back to Tippeligaen after two adecco promotion matches once again. Frigg won 20 and Glimt was out of the Cup.

I dag er vi en av Norges ledende innen bemanning, men det er jo ikke alltid størrelsen det kommer.Vår viktigste oppgave.Trenger du hjelp med bemanning eller rekruttering til faste stillinger.

At last, in 1993, kart but the first place holder in the northern second division had to compete in playoff matches against the two second place holders from the south. And as in the debut season of 1977 they took second place in the league. Divisjon district IXX 3rd sykepleier Third Round Promotion not possible 1970.

Divisjon district IX-X 2nd First Round Promotion not possible 1971 was the first year northern Norwegian teams could win promotion for the top division (First possible year in the top division would have been 1972).In their first appearance in the Norwegian FA cup in 1963, Bodø /Glimt managed to get as far as the fourth round after a home win 71 over Nordil, and two away wins.In 1976, Bodø /Glimt managed at last to beat the league-system with a 40 win over Odd and a 11 draw against Lyn, making Glimt the second North-Norwegian team to gain promotion to the top division, after FK Mjølner 's promotion in 1971.