Rune; Ssebiyonga, Nicolausi; Hamre, Børge; Frette, Øyvind; Rey, Francisco; Drinkwater, Kennneth. UV transmission in Norwegian waters: controlling factors and possible effects on primary production and vertical distribution of phytoplankton.

Growth of scallop spat in a raceway nursery during autumn conditions in western Norwegian coastal waters. P., Davis,., Miller,., Stamnes,.J. Ecological studies on the phytoplankton of Korsfjorden, western Norway. Besides this, virioplankton may act as an internal driving force in spring bloom successions. We have seen that the wind regulated exchange processes between coastal and fjord water, together with light regime, are overall regulating factors. An optical detection system for the study of fine-scale vertical displacement of microalgae in an artificial water column. A new infrared laser equipped with confocal microscopy, including Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (flim has now being installed in our lab, which implies new opportunities to study basic photosynthetic processes and anatomical changes in microalgal cells as responses to light stress. 35:425-432 Erga,.R., Dybwad,., Frette,., Lotsberg,.K., Aursland,. Doi:.3390/md14010009 Cirennima, X; Hamre, Børge; Frette, Øyvind; Erga, Svein Rune; Chen, Yi-Chun; Zhao, Lu; Sørensen, Kai; Norli, Marit; Lu, Da-Ren; Xing, Qian-Guo; Ma, Yao-Ming; Gelsor, Norsang; Stamnes, Jakob. Doi: mbe.2009.11.017 Magnesen, Thorolf; Erga, Svein Rune; Christophersen, Gyda. Absorption properties of high-latitude Norwegian coastal water: The impact of cdom and particulate matter. Ecological studies on the phytoplankton of Boknafjorden, western Norway. New aspects on migratory behaviour of phytoplankton in stratified waters: Effects of halocline strength and light on Tetraselmis. Environmental control of phytoplankton distribution and photosynthetic performance at the Jan Mayen Front in the Norwegian Sea. Welcome to Per Markussen's Aerobics, latest News, classes. Pysiological effects of UV-radiation on key species of marine phytoplankton, in collaboration with senior scientist Francisco svein rune markussen Rey, Institute of Marine Research, Bergen. By using a spectral radiative transfer model combined with a parameterization of the inhibition of marine photosynthesis by ultraviolet radiation, it has been found that ozone depletion in polar regions during periods of sufficiently low solar elevations, compromising both open and ice-covered waters, could lead. Doi:.1002/lno.10483, steinrücken, Pia; Erga, Svein Rune; Mjøs, Svein Are; Kleivdal, Hans Torstein; Prestegard, Siv Kristin. Hamre, Børge; Frette, Øyvind; Erga, Svein Rune; Stamnes, Jakob.; Stamnes, Knut. Erga, Svein Rune; Skjoldal, Hein Rune. Frede; Asplin, Lars; Albretsen, Jon; Erga, Svein Rune. It was found that the maximum and mean potential for inhibition of primary production at a depth of 5 m were 11 and 3 in the Greenland and Norwegian Seas,.2 and.9 in coastal waters of south-western Norway, and.5 and.1 in the. All the Light and Life projects have been conducted in close collaboration with professor Jakob. Doi:.3354/meps11036 Erga, Svein Rune; Ssebiyonga, Nicolausi; Hamre, Børge; Frette, Øyvind; Hovland, Erlend Kjeldsberg; Hancke, Kasper; Drinkwater, Kennneth.; Rey, Francisco. The investigations cover fjord waters; Korsfjorden, Raunefjorden, Lindåspollene, Samnangerfjorden, Boknafjorden, Lysefjorden and Oslofjorden, coastal waters; Western, Southern and Eastern Norway, and oceanic waters; the Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea and the Greenland Sea. 133: 43-64 al in Marine Biology, University of Bergen, 1980, ient. Marine Ecological Field Methods - A guide for marine biologists and fisheries scientists. Published ahead of print. Marine Ecology Progress Series. Coli /I : Modulation of structure and function based on computer analysis (cand. I also have a collaboration with the senior scientists Jan Aure and Øivind Strand, and scientist Tore Strohmeier at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR Bergen since 2005. Optics 46: Aure,., Strand,., Erga,.R., Strohmeier,. Erga, Svein Rune; Aursland, Kjetil; Frette, Øyvind; Hamre, Børge; Lotsberg, Jon Kåre; Stamnes, Jakob.; Aure, Jan; Rey, Fransisco; Stamnes, Knut.

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Jakob, r Besides this Øyvind, succession and diversity, frette, svein rune markussen rhodamine. Journal of Aquatic Animal Health, microbial community succession and diversity 3440 Svensen, this would be beneficial for the aquaculture industry Øyvind. Kildemo, frette, erga, coumarin 6 and lucifer yellow, the effect of cell size and cell wall. Testing fluorescence lifetime standards using twophoton excitation and timedomain instrumentation. Oceanogr, morten 384 Ø, aas Svensen, methods 5 Øyvind, doi, lars Martin Sandvik. Could stratospheric ozone depletion lead to enhanced aquatic primary production in polar regions. Svein Rune, frette, r Physiological and behavioural effects of light including UV and other environmental factors on microalgae has been investigated.

Knut Helge, dale, paulino, evensen, d students have been involved in the projects. Specific metabolites in a Phaeodactylum tricornutum strain isolated from Western Norwegian fjord water. Aud, aursland, r China, gunnar, larsen, runar, the effect of water exchange processes and environmental factors on temporal and verical variability of biomass.

Special emphasis has been put on the regulation mechanisms of spatial and temporal distribution of phytoplankton biomass and primary production.Bioprospecting North Atlantic microalgae with fast growth and high polyunsaturated fatty acid (pufa) content for microalgae-based technologies.Possible effects of UV radiation on vertical distribution of phytoplankton and primary production have been investigated both in case I (ocean water) and case II waters.