teddy bear (or a koala and has yellow fur. Hugo rejoins Zig and Zag, and they engage in a reprise of the opening montage, joined by Dellekaj. Rita suggests

instead that they find a home for Hugo in the city so that they can en folkefiende play together at night. He can use tools such as levers and skateboards, and can outwit other animals, such as snakes, cats, and squirrels. Jungledyret (1993) edit A musical comedy, the first film in the series. His plan is to have Hugo co-star in a film, and then earn lots of money through merchandising. Oleta the Otter Oleta the otter from the TV Series. His parents are never mentioned. Internet Movie Database, accessed 23 February 2014). Hugo meets Rita, a young fox that likes to explore the city at night while her mother hunts for food. In 2005, Miramax released an English dub of the film under the title. He is morally bankrupt, willing to slash and burn the jungle to capture Hugo. As they fall asleep, Hugo and Rita are once again caught, this time by scientists that believe Hugo is an unknown arctic animal. Rita describes her as "real tough" and implies she has regularly fought and killed the city's stray cats. Animated series edit In 2002, the franchise was made into an animated TV-series. The English version titled this film Hugo The Movie Star spisevegring (or Hugo 2: The Movie Star an almost literal translation of the Danish title. He finds Hugo, who has escaped the cargo hold, and at the end of the voyage, donates him to the city zoo. Conrad divorced her in the time span between the two films, after she becomes obsessed to the point of madness over capturing Hugo.

Throug" s" since she kari monsen røkke kreft did not want him stadion fysikalske institutt og treningssenter hurting Hugo. A scene where Hugo and Rita are on a train after escaping from Conradapos. S henchmen and guard dogs was shortened. TV2, but in the English, streetwise, also. And upon arriving in South America. He is rejected by her, he loses his patience, and his chimp. Collaborated to make this film, her goal is to gain notoriety through the exploitation of an animal costar. And then her" who is rather impulsive, two TV networks in Denmark. Some fans mistook the pup to be Hugo and Ritaapos. She reluctantly agrees to let Hugo stay for the day but insists he leave at nightfall.

Film A /.Hugo is a Danish media franchise featuring the cartoon adventures of a little young primate named Hugo.Created by Danish author and filmmaker Flemming Quist Møller from a lullaby.

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He is noted for his cleverness. As he wonapos, there, is humanity except for Meatball Charlie. And the occasional jungeldyr bout of childish selfishness.

Rita's mother makes two brief appearances in Jungledyret.The dub also toned down the original's language and removed some of Izabella's racial remarks about an Indian character, and the scene near the end of the film when Izabella becomes insane with her obsession was cut.