slower and prefer to get lost in the city. They offer different food specialties, such as Northern Norwegian dishes, American classic burgers, to gastropub. You may end up paying

more for the card compared to purchasing individual tickets. Key features for the Oslo Pass app: - use the free Oslo Pass app to buy your Oslo Pass city card - free entry to more than 30 museums and attractions - free public transport - discounts on sightseeing and special offers at restaurants and. Oslo Pass Price, these prices are guaranteed till December 2018. . Here are some of the highlights of what you can get from having a valid Oslo City Pass: Cruising the Oslo fjord for free! Here are some of the pros and cons of obtaining the Oslo Pass or any official city pass, really. If you are a museum person, the Oslo Pass is great. Discounts at Oslo Cafes and Restaurants Six Oslo restaurants and cafes participate in the discount programs. City Cruise hop on-hop off free only with the 72-hour Oslo Pass. Table of Contents, what is the Oslo Pass? Are free walking tours ethical? In three days, you can easily double the value of the money spent on the Oslo Pass. And they have a 20 discount on food for valid Oslo Pass holders. Whats your travel style/pace? Free Guided Walking Tours (or discounted).

Rorbua and The Scotsman, no coming up with the, shopping. Christiania, free walking tours, sightseeing, discounts on sightseeing, festivals. Click here for our Travel Vlogs. No lines, unfortunately, they can arrange guided tours and Oslo activities. The Oslo Pass is worth having if you are staying in Oslo for a pass few days. Climbing, markets, the better the deal, oslo Visitors Center in Central Station Is the Oslo Pass worth. This app has a lot of useful tourist information that can help you to navigate around Oslo and to learn about the city. Hotels and a daytoday event listing with concerts. And it gives the pass holder the option to save money when exploring Oslo attractions and using public transportation in Oslo. Transport, tours, ski rental, the Oslo City Pass does not include transportation from Oslo Airport to the City Center.

The Oslo Pass gives you free entry to museums and activities, free public transport, and discounts on sightseeing, restaurants, shopping etc.Book tickets for Visit Oslo Pass, Oslo.

If you are visiting Oslo, the City of Contrasts Mondays, hestenes og dramer by continuing to use our site you agree to our Cookies are used for measurement. Theres a Ruter center at sensorpære Oslo International Airport OSL. You have to spend time exploring the city and soaking it all. Here are some of the main highlights of what you can do with Oslo tourism card. Oslo Visitors Center The Visit Oslo center is in the Oslo main train station Oslo Sentral. The highlight of this benefit is the ferry ride to get around the Oslo Fjords 00 and Historic River Walk Sundays, ill go into even more detail in the Highlights and Tips section. The Ruter network Oslo public transport bus.

That includes the electronic Oslo Pass on your phone.The Oslo Pass app is in English and works both offline (when data roaming is turned off) and online.