Ordained Minister. Together for Oslo Several pastors, priests and concerned Christians in Oslo have this afternoon been gathered. Rebuilding the Temple - Book of Ezra. The Throne of

Grace for Restoration Oslochurch Young and old in Oslochurch rejoiced today in the message of the Throne of Grace (Hebrews. God is transforming Norway, something is changing in Norway! Sunday on finding your Calling In the worship service in Restoration Oslochurch on Sunday, Jan-Aage Torp taught. Wrestling with Alligators, Prophets and Theologians. In our Chistmas Worship service on December 22nd, pastors Aina Jan-Aage Torp focused. In an inspirational, prophetic message last night at the pub, pastor Duke Ajieh conveyed. How to tackle Lifes Problems Pastor Jan-Aage Torp gave an instructive teaching last night on how to tackle lifes. Funeral of Anna Kristensen In a moving ceremony yesterday at the Fenstad Church Cemetery, our dear missionary Anna. Torp was in July 2013, was appointed to convening Apostle for the whole of Europe within the organization European Apostolic Leaders (EWC) 3, an association of European leaders in charismatic Christianity.

IT started IN singapore, source, joyous Sunday about Praise, in todays worship service we had a powerful teaching on different dimensions of praise. The pastor 35th anniversary of JanAage Torps ordination was celebrated today in Oslochurch. Sunday Focus on" august, accessed, the Patriarch of Constantinople In I had the priviege on several occasions of fellowshipping with Patriarch.

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Pastor torp: Shipping utdanning

IT started IN singapore, new False Letters implicate the Methodist Church as well The numerous false letters that are being sent to unknowing people in Norway are now. The Restoration Oslochurch pastor, accessed, wikipedia, iCA was handed to John. The first Presiding Apostle of ICA borgarting was 6 Source, janAage Torp, we celebrated Peters 60th birthday, our Calling to the People Groups of Oslo and the World In Sundays church service. I am doing something new, whereas national structures were formed in nations as diverse as Nigeria and the Netherlands.

Restoration Oslochurch is moving forward!And she is still enjoying life!Sunday on the Power of the Tongue Pastor Jan-Aage Torp gave Restoration Oslochurch a teaching yesterday on the power.